Quantom Ent

Quantom Entertainment...or Entanglement? Either way the end result would have been the same. I've had a privilege to entertain as a professional basketball player and see how connected we are despite our differences. As a man of God and Science, my view on worldly matters tends to be based primarily on my own personal experiences and observations. I've always had a hard time adapting to the "social norms" so to speak. Its caused me to create a vision separate of what everyone else sees on a daily basis. Quantom Ent is a reflection of that vision...A lot of my peers thought I was joining forces with the Illuminati because they saw the triangle and all seeing eye. But in the words of one of my favorite artist..." Go to hell, this is God engineering...this is a hail Mary pass y'all interfering"! This is what my vision for the future looks like. But it requires me to have a better understanding of who I am and more importantly who I'm becoming. I've been a "team" guy my whole life but this is the first time I've ever assembled anything under my own merit.  I'd like to think we'd all like to have something in our lives that represents us fundamentally. It requires us to have a different level of understanding of things entirely though. The atom serves as the basic and most fundamental property of this understanding. The atom is only stable because of a balanced nucleus that doesn't contain excess energy around it. BALANCE is key here. Which is where the triangle comes in. Its never perfect, pieces are missing, but its sufficient enough to keep everything together. This is a humble reminder to me of what it means to be human...and I will exercise that right through this channel!

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